Typical attendees are the first and second year PhD students from biomedical programmes, but other participants are also very welcome. The main aim of the two-week lecture course is to inform the participants about the recent progress in fields of molecular biology, genetics and biomedicine together with selected new biotechnology approaches ( The course is accredited (MPGS0034) at the Charles University.


The course takes place from October 30th to November 10th, 2023. It will be held in the Milan Hašek Lecture Hall of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IMG), Vídeňská 1083, Praha 4 Krč (Krč-campus of the biological institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences).

In case of COVID-19 restrictions preventing the course on site, lectures will be streamed via Zoom.


All lectures will be given in English by active scientists.
The course consists of ~ 43 lectures organized into the following thematic blocks:

DNA/cell nucleus: nuclear microstructure-function relationship, organization and function of the 3D genome, retroviruses and mobile elements, human genome structure and evolution, biology of telomeres and telomerases.
RNA: mechanics of procaryotic RNA polymerase, transcription and splicing regulation, tRNA metabolism and editing, small RNAs and dsRNAs pathways: genome defense, innate immunity/ADARs.
Proteins: eukaryotic protein synthesis, structural biology tools, proteomics and proteomes, protein structure predictions, protein turnover in cancer and development.
Cell biology and signaling: ensemble dynamics of cytoskeletal proteins, microtubules and signal transduction, biology of flagella and cilia, cytoskeletal organization and tissue mechanics, cellular iron metabolism and oxygen radicals in DNA damage and ferroptosis, biology of mitochondria, nuclear mechanobiology and aging, cell biology of lipids.
Developmental biology: oocyte-to-zygote transition, induced pluripotent stem cells and organoids, zebrafish as a model system in developmental biology, comparative developmental biology, hematopoiesis.
Biomedicine – genomics: rare genetic variants in Mendelian complex diseases, high-throughput sequencing methods, epigenetic disorders and therapy, guided nucleases and their use in biomedicine.
Biomedicine – cancer biology: metabolic communications in tumors, chromosomal alterations in cancer cells, ADP-ribose metabolism and DNA breaks in human disease, DNA replication, cancer metabolism, DNA damage response and cellular checkpoints in cancer.
Biomedicine – hematology & immunology: proinflammatory cytokines in autoimmune diseases, epigenetic regulation in leukemia predisposition and myelodysplastic syndromes, metabolic vulnerabilities in leukemia, gene editing in bone marrow failure syndromes, immune cell signaling as a therapeutic target, current concepts in tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy.
Workshops: career paths in science-research and alternatives, life with science, scientific communication, research ethics and scientific misconduct.
At the end of the course participants receive the credit.


Accommodation for participants from universities outside of Prague needs to be arranged individually in colleges of the Charles University. Course attendees should contact as soon as possible by e-mail the Central reservation office ( to inquire about available space and mention that they participate in the course.

Catering during the course includes two coffee breaks, one in the morning session and one in the afternoon session. Lunches can be obtained individually in two canteens in the Krč campus during lunch breaks.


Bus line 138 takes you from the Kačerov underground line C station directly to the front gate (“Ústavy Akademie věd” stop) of the campus. Bus line 193 takes you from the Budějovická underground line C station to the stop “Zelené domky” from where you have to walk back for about 200 meters to the front gate of the campus.


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